Brooklyn Breakdown '77
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Fresh beats blasting a midnight serenade.

The air is thick with aerosouls, street cat yowls, rattling of empty Krylon cans echoing between the heights of buildings rising as the man flashes his lights.

Creeping along a street bustling with blazin' activity merely moments ago but now outta sight.

Old momma in 2c on the second floor aint seen nuthin' for sure. Wicked styles that even she can adore. Signed, sealed, and delivered, we're booking it, and we won't stop bringing it!

Can you dig it?

Story time!

Why black on white? Let me tell you an anecdote from my childhood:

On christmas eve of 1983 (or was it 84?) I got my first Commodore 64. Since I didn't have the luxury of using it with a color tv, it was hooked up to a dumpster find 12" black & white tv ghetto style for what must have been like five years. Really, I didn't mind, my brain kind of filled in the colors for me.

Then came that day when I finally got the possibility to play my favorite games in their full 16 color glory! Most of them were pretty much as I had imagined them. There was one exception, however...

One of my all time favorite games: Last Ninja 2 (set in New York City, no less)! The color palette kind of felt off, and wasn't at all like I had imagined it to be. It took me some time to get adjusted to the palette of this game, but I must admit that I still prefer playing it in black & white, because that way my brain fills in the "right" colors for me.

This is also the reason why this homage to the 1970's NYC is in black & white, and I hope that you as a viewer will also imagine this with your own inner color palette.


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