Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Logistics

We use Deutsche Post/DHL for all our shipping logistics.

Shipping Rates


Parcel Tracking

Add an additional €2.00 EUR to receive a tracking number associated with your shipment. Select Parcel Tracking in the Shipping Method drop down menu at checkout for this option.

Visit one of the following links to track your shipment:


Some delay may occur before the tracking number is registered. Please revisit the above link later if this happens. If your tracking number has not been registered within one working day, please contact us so that we can inquire DHL about it.


Delivery Times

These delivery times are approximate, and can not be guaranteed.

Any likelihood that your order outside of the EU gets stopped in customs is beyond our control and responsibility. Buyers may be subject to additional charges for import duties and taxes. Any delays that may occur due to such occurrence is not covered by our delivery time chart.

Country Estimated Delivery Times
Germany ca. 3-6 business days
Europe ca. 4-8 business days
World ca. 6-14 business days