The festival is over - The Amiga ASCII exhibition stays! September 01 2013


The Platine Cologne Festival was a blast! Several hundred people visited the Zoo Schänke bar in Cologne on the final day alone to see the worlds first Amiga Ascii exhibition!

Six artists from three countries, a world record size Amiga ascii, the worlds first Amiga ascii pieces sold as art, ordinary people going nuts about the 'new and fresh' minimalistic style... It's been a very emotional time, indeed.

And it doesn't stop there! Even though the Platine Cologne Festival is over, the Zoo Schänke bar loved the exhibition so much, that it was extended until the 11th this month!

Once again, we would like to send out our gratitude to all people who made this event possible. Big hugs to all the artists involved, the Curators who did one hell of a job finishing setup before deadline, the Platine organizers, the Zoo Schänke owners and personel, and to everyone else who contributed towards this exhibition!

We have assembled and uploaded an album from the exhibition for you to enjoy here:

Amiga Ascii art exhibition photo album



Hopefully we'll meet you at the next Amiga Ascii exhibition!