TEXTMODE ART exhibition // PLATINE Festival 2015 July 13 2015


Special TEXTMODE ART exhibition at the PLATINE Festival in Cologne 03.-06. August 2015 / Location: Bunker k101


Textmode-graphics are created using the keyboard and the respective charsets on different computers such as the C64, Amiga and IBM PC. Written logos or characters are created using (back)-slashes, hyphen, underlines, blockshapes and other similar symbols found in the charsets.


Together with international artists and groups we have compiled a variety of textmode-graphics from different areas of style.
Beginning with the oldest technologies such as Teletext, C64 Petscii, Amiga Ascii, PC Ansi, evolving to customized charsets and introducing other media formats.


The artworks will be displayed on digital prints and monitors to showcase their original shapes and forms. A journey through textmode art history, that leads to appearances in print publications, animated visuals, clothing and paintings.



Curated by Orkan Meydan / HarikaZen and featuring the following artists & collectives

HarikaZen, Up Rough, Divine Stylers, Blocktronics, True School, Raquel Meyers, Goto80, Text-Mode, LordNikon, sk!n/deZign.


PLATINE – Festival focuses on electronic media, covering the realm from art statements up to alternative gaming forms. Developers and artists from all over Germany, as well as guests from six other countries, use PLATINE as a daring and unique platform to present their ideas and visions to the public.


PLATINE takes place in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, in traditional local pubs, theatrical workshops and small galleries. PLATINE strives to be a source of inspiration – and invites you to excitement, discoveries and interaction within an urban environment.


Wishing you a delightful time reading the following pages. Hopefully we can make you feel the magic of PLATINE. See you in August! The entrance to all exhibitions is free!

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