HarikaZen at Lockdown 2014 in Lisboa / Portugal September 10 2014


We are happy to announce that we will be supporting  the Lockdown Fighting Game Tournament in Lisboa for the second year in a row.


The champions of USF4 & UMVC3, will get a kit with a voucher for a t-shirt of choice and a bundle of stickers. 

Additionally, some random visitors will win more prizes from HarikaZen in the official tournament raffle, so get hype!


For everyone else: The code LOCKDOWN gives you 15% off your order at shop.harikazen.com. This promotion is valid throughout 10-16 September 2014.


If you plan to visit Lockdown, and place an order at latest two days before the showdown, you can get it personally teleported to the tournament venue, perhaps by Dhalsim spittin’ hot fire, who most definitely will also throw in a free gift!

To check out some HarikaZen products at the venue, follow the salt left behind by the arts of yoga.


Check out Lockdown here »