Reporting from Red Fight District 2014 October 13 2014


We are happy to have been part of the Red Fight District 2014 in Amsterdam.

HarikaZen provided the staff and stream team with the exclusive RFD/Crew shirts in red.
The champion of all the games represented at RFD also received an exclusive RFD shirt in red on top of their other prizes, and the remaining competitors in the top3 placings of these tournaments also won RFD shirt in blue, which was only available for preorder, making it a very rare item to own!

All these shirts were handsigned by tagging the champions name on the back of the shirts.


As being part of the Capcom Pro Tour this season, the event definetly brought the hype to Amsterdam, and were very happy to be there!

With major players like Justin Wong, Gamerbee, Luffy and Valmaster in attendence it could only become interesting, congratulations to the winners of the following tournaments who are now proud owners of these limited shirts.


Some Impressions from the Red Fight District 2014 - Images with the courtesy of





1. MD | Luffy
2. AVerMedia | Gamerbee
3. IPLAY | TR Halibel


1. EG | Justin Wong
2. Takari
3. 1upmiles


1. EG | Justin Wong
2. [Schloss] | Ken Deep
3. Healing Care


1. Daitenjin
2. Kalak
3. ceb


1. CDV.MCZ | Will2pac
2. Mtk | Salim
3. MD | Luffy


1. EG | Justin Wong
2. Um | Imstilldadaddy
3. DN | Damiendo