HarikaZen sponsors FFM Rumble #8 April 30 2015

With their 8th installment of this fighting game tournament series, they return on the scene with more top players from around the world than ever before at a german event.

FFM RUMBLE #8 is part of the Capcom Pro Tour as a ranking event, and with so much on the line this season we can expect a lot of top level fighting game action for the games in their lineup!


HarikaZen is giving away some of their ascii art inspired t-shirt designs and stickers in the official tournament raffle! The Top 3 competitors of the Street Fighter tournament will be honored with a t-shirt of their choice and a bundle of stickers!


For everyone else: The code RUMBLE8 gives you 15% off your order at shop.harikazen.com. This promotion is valid throughout 28th May - 2nd June 2015.


For more information about the event visit rumble.hardedge.org