5 years of HarikaZen! We're back at EVOKE 2018.

August 15 2018

Hi 2 U! Team HarikaZen will be back at Evoke 2018 for their 5 year anniversary!

Make sure to visit our little corner of the Evoke heaven to check out some new fresh stuff from the Team.

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New HarikaZen shirt design out!

August 18 2017

We have some great news! First of all, we at HarikaZen have decided that from here on we are offering FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on all our products!

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Is it that time of year again? 20 years of EVOKE!

August 18 2017


Whaaat! Team HarikaZen will ofcourse be back at Evoke 2017 for its 20 year anniversary! While you're visiting, make sure to check out our BRAND NEW Shirt Design!

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HarikaZen is back at Evoke 2016!

August 08 2016


Hi guys! The HarikaZen team will be present at Evoke 2016. Just like last year, we have some prizes to give away and some special offers during the party.

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Goto80's ascii graffiti preparations for PLATINE festival next week!

July 29 2015


goto80 made a new ASCII graffiti piece, this time in color!

By using cut-out stencils for each characters, like / and _ - spraying them one by one.

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TEXTMODE ART exhibition // PLATINE Festival 2015

July 13 2015


Special TEXTMODE ART exhibition at the PLATINE Festival in Cologne 03.-06. August 2015 / Location: Bunker k101

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HarikaZen sponsors Evoke 2015!

July 11 2015


Participate in one of the graphics competition categories Ansi/Ascii and/or Pixel, and have the chance to win a kit with a voucher for a t-shirt of your choice and a bundle of stickers.

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Gameliebe custom shirt design available now!

May 12 2015


We have entered a cooperation with Gameliebe, and you can now get the custom designed t-shirt and other merchandise through our shop!

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Samurising and SL Silver Arrow Type 2 shirt designs available now!

March 24 2015


We have just added two new shirt designs to our collection.

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Reporting from Red Fight District 2014

October 13 2014


We are happy to have been part of the Red Fight District 2014 in Amsterdam.

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HarikaZen sponsors Red Fight District 2014 in Amsterdam / Netherlands

September 24 2014


HarikaZen sponsors Red Fight District 2014 in Amsterdam / Netherlands.

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EVOKE 2014 was amazing!

August 12 2014


We would like to thank the EVOKE organisers for a great event!!

Big thanks to all the visitors and participants, you are amazing :)

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HarikaZen sponsors EVOKE 2014!

August 01 2014

Participate in one of the graphics competition categories Ansi/Ascii and/or Pixel, and have the chance to win a kit with a voucher for a t-shirt of your choice and a bundle of stickers.

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Shop updated with new products!

July 31 2014


Check out our new sticker collection here »

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Kaffe, Kontrabass & Klamotte // Fleamarket at Luisenviertel Ehrenfeld

March 16 2014


We invite you to visit us at the Luisenviertel Ehrenfeld Designer Fleamarket on Sunday, 16th March 2014.

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HarikaZen sponsors DATASTORM 2014 in Göteborg / Sweden

January 31 2014


Up Rough Soundsystem, Genesis Project, Divine Stylers & Tulou once again invites you to the FINAL DATASTORM, the ultimate winter party for people operating on machines with SOUL.

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Berlingraffiti - The Magazine raffle with HarikaZen T-Shirt giveaways

November 24 2013


Berlingraffiti - The Magazine is having a raffle on their blog to win 5x1 HarikaZen T-Shirts.

Follow this link to find out how to participate!

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We are open! New T-Shirt collection available

November 18 2013


Our shop is now open! Check out our new T-Shirt collection and spread the news!

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A Look back at the PLATINE Cologne 2013 festival in Cologne

September 19 2013


Check out this beautiful documentary video about the PLATINE Cologne Festival 2013

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HarikaZen at Lockdown 2013 in Lisboa / Portugal

September 13 2013


We are happy to announce that we are supporting the Lockdown Fighting Game Tournament from Lisboa, Portugal.

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The festival is over - The Amiga ASCII exhibition stays!

September 01 2013


The Platine Cologne Festival was a blast! Several hundred people visited the Zoo Schänke bar in Cologne on the final day alone to see the worlds first Amiga Ascii exhibition!

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Invitation to the world's first Amiga Ascii art exhibition

August 19 2013


Ascii Arena together with Up Rough and Divine Stylers invite you to the worlds first Amiga Ascii Art exhibition in Cologne 19-22 August.

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SL Silver Arrow Limited T-Shirt

August 11 2013


You can get this limited edition shirt only at Evoke & the upcoming Amiga Ascii art exhibition in Cologne (Platine Cologne Festival)

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